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Eighth European Workshop on Applied Cultural Economics (EWACE)

General information – Call for papers

The European Workshop on Applied Cultural Economics (EWACE) was founded in 1990 and is intended to provide a forum for the development and dissemination of applications of quantitative methods in cultural economics, as well as cultural-related applications of mathematical economics, experimental economics and other quantitative approaches (e.g. applied micro and macroeconometric approaches). Possible topics include aspects of industrial organization of cultural products and services (e.g. pricing, trade), labour market issues of artists (e.g. wages, cultural participation), spillovers and externalities of firms in the cultural sector (agglomeration) and studies on demand elasticities. Participation of interested researchers and policy makers from all countries is welcome. The workshop will consist of up to 35 papers. Each paper will be allocated 45 minutes, made up of a presentation by the authors, followed by a comment from a nominated discussant and a general discussion. Papers will be circulated in advance and taken as read.

Papers must be sent as e-mail attachments (pdf, word) to Antonello Eugenio Scorcu [antonello.scorcu@unibo.it]. Deadline for submitting completed draft papers: May 15, 2017. Authors will be notified regarding acceptance or rejection by May 31, 2017. Each presenter is intended to be available to serve as discussant. (EWACE-2017 call for papers)

Registration form (for approved papers)

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